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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why Democracy is not suitable for India?

Democracy has been a failure since Independence. Let us understand why Democracy is not suitable for India-
    The democratic elections are not based on the merits or in other words, election is a competition about fooling the citizens of the country. UPSC sets the toughest exams for the selection of executives but for those who direct them, there are no criteria. If there is any problem due to imbalance decisions (which is common) then who is responsible. It is only we who have to suffer every time. The only thing that would happen in a democracy is that there would be just a possibility for that political party to lose in the next elections. But again, Democracy can’t make sure that in the next elections there would be a right party and ultimately it is the people that have to suffer. Democracy says that people can correct their own mistakes but again it can’t make sure that the mistakes would not be repeated and most importantly, why to make such mistakes. Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens by giving equal opportunity for all to vote. In a democracy, we can imagine the standards as just a simple right to vote is increasing the dignity of citizens. Democracy says that elections are a good way to choose the leaders. Let’s consider a case – In a constituency out of hundred people there are forty-nine wise and honest people and the rest are foolish and dishonest people. There are two contestants in the elections, one is good and other one is bad. The wise voted for good and the dishonest voted for bad and simultaneously the bad contestant won. In this case the majority is won. Here, only the majority has won. It means that Democracy can’t make it sure that the decisions that are taken are wise. In a country where only 74% adults know just to read, write and understand in a particular language, how can we expect them to take such mature and sensible decisions? As we know the Indian tendency and conditions, policies that are their rights are treated as big gifts by the people similar to a dog getting bread after many days. And for that also they vote for party. Abraham Lincoln said that Democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people. But in India one thing is for sure that Democracy is neither for the people, of the people. It is just by the majority of the people. They say that people are responsible for their decisions. So it’s clear, that we are first imposed to elect and then the results are also our mistake. Every time only we are wrong not the Democracy. Let the people die but the democratic spirits must not be hampered. This is the scenario of Democracy. What would you prefer Success or Democracy?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Duties towards the nation

Every person expects some or the other things from the government but is that enough. Isn’t it our duty to return as much as we can to our nation? After all, we are the citizens of this country, we have some responsibilities. But we all are just bothered about our rights. Nobody has a right to criticize anyone if he himself is wrong.
       Many say that the govt. is corrupt. We can’t do anything. We all are trapped in this system. Let it be. But, whose duty it is to show the right path to the government. We citizens of India are all responsible for it. We have many ways which we can shape the decisions but we hesitate to come up. Some wait for one day that would bring a miracle. Some say that we will do something in future. For those people, there is a famous phrase ‘Fursat to mujhe bhi bahut thi desh ke liye magar pet bhar gaya to neend aa gayi’ (I had plenty of time for my nation but when my stomach was full, I felt sleepy). Our country doesn’t have as much danger from terrorists; our own people are responsible for the downfall of this country. These people with slave mentality are burden for all of us. How shameful it is for that country whose citizens themselves are the biggest threat to it.
        When something bad is happening, we just remain spectators, we just know to point out at others and prevent ourselves from getting involved in any problems. In a race to become distinct from others, we are making profits at the cost of our own people. A country runs efficiently not only by the efforts of the people but also when citizens cooperate with them.
         It is not enough that you pay the taxes on time, stand at the time of national anthem and it’s all over. As much as you can give to your nation, you must give. Apart from it, as a citizen, it is your duty to identify every citizen as your brother and sister, to safeguard public property, to constantly achieve and make the nation proud and to defend the country when required.
         The govt. is not doing anything, we all know but despite knowing all these, when we too indulge in such activities, that is nothing else but betrayal with our country.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Indian Tendency

Indians possess a unique identity all over the world. It depends on their tendency what identity they perceive through. Here Indians are referred to as majority of the people living in India. The first tendency of a typical person in India is prejudice. Majority of Indians are full fledged with this quality. They come to a conclusion before the proceeding begins. This is the reason why new ideas are buried before they come into existence. Secondly, show off, it is a bitter truth that we Indians at present stand nowhere in the world top nations but the people behave as if they all have won the Nobel Prize. The people are still satisfied and proudful of their past. They try to dominate among themselves they try to dominate others by fake boast. The next is lack of foresightedness. T heir decisions result in a disaster. This could be understood when we adopted Democracy after long years of British rule and still the majority have not realized what problems are generated due to this at present and in future. The next is hesitation. This is the most common tendency. Majority of Indians suffer from this drawback. No one takes the courage to lead. They would feel happier to resist terror, humiliation but would never come forward. They hide their cowardice by saying that they belong to respected families. These people don’t have a verdict of their own. They move where the wave leads them. They call them accommodation, I call that cowardice. The next is jealousy. They are happy with their failures but can’t digest anyone’s success. They next is refusing realities. They can’t accept their failures and blame it on other factors, mainly irrelevant resulting in overwhelming irrationality in India. The next is selfishness. They don’t care fow their deeds could affect others. They must not hope for any help from others if it continues to be same. This is the scenario of India; this is the spirit of Indians. If you really want to respect your country, make the country respectful.

Monday, October 14, 2013


India media has always been known for its active participation and coverage from all around. These are good signs for a country. From this point of view it is good but if we see from another perspective the question arises that is the media only limited for telecasting and forwarding the news to the viewers.
The missing part is the sting operations. How can media be completed without this. Media must understand their importance in shaping the ideas of the viewers. The role of the media is not only to directly show the coverage with a tagline “First shown on our channel” but to portray according to the needs and nature of time. They must understand which topic has to be more stressed and focused. They must not focus on irrelevance. They must also give more stress on how a subject would affect the citizens and nation as a whole. The media must not be afraid from anyone. No organization and especially no “sena” could harm the media until it goes wrong.
 If media starts carrying out sting operations then it must definitely have its effect. The culprits then definitely would not trust their own partners, servants etc.  The citizens would then become more powerful as they could threaten the officers for their wrongdoings. Then they would realize that they could pay for it if involved in any wrongdoings. These operations could act as evidence also.
Media must realize how important they are for a country. They must utilize their power in generating nationalism and proud among its people.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Indian Bureaucracy

Allegations are always put against the India bureaucrats that they are corrupt. But the question is what makes them corrupt.

When an executive enters the service, he is very excited and happy with his/her service not just because of good salary and facilities but because of the pleasure and ambition of getting an opportunity to serve the nation.

As time passes, gradually he realizes that nobody apart from him is keen interested and enthusiastic about development and welfare. Even them who need it.
Moreover, they are controlled by the corrupt, greedy, illiterate ministers who are superior to them just because they are elected by the people.

In such case the enthusiasm that he had for India goes in vain because the deservers are not given importance in Democracy. This humiliation that they face results in reduction of nationalism among them and further they keep their family prior in comparison with their own country. These are the root cause of corruption. Through corruption they think that they can show their importance to the people.
The other reason is that they themselves are trapped within the corruption web. If they don’t follow it and go against it, they would face trouble. We have recent examples of Mr. Ashok Khemka and many other sufferers like him, but again we have higher shortage of those whistle daring whistleblowers like him. They also know that in India, one rarely gets justice against the Democratic government because they are the most respected ones and chosen by the people.

Our bureaucracy is not in such a state like it should have been. This is one of the reasons for India’s degradation. India’s greatest ever economists and political analysts Chanakya said that “Where fools are respected, wealth doesn’t come there.” We should now realize that who is right and who is wrong. Just listen to your conscious.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


The rich poor gap is highly prevalent in Indian Economy. People are starving down for having one time meal while on the other hand; the rich people are draining their wealth for their luxurious life. They are more prone to the insecure environment and dangers to their life.

 In that case they have nothing to lose. By fair means if they try to get rid of these situations, they will fail. So they opt ways for gaining quick money not caring about others because everybody is neglecting them. They go towards the path of crime, to get rid of their troubles. 

The democratic government doesn’t bothers about them because they know if poor starts rising then the downfall of the democratic government begins too. (There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his - Helen Keller). The poor remains poor and got stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty while the rich are earning millions in just a second. Now you can imagine the pathetic conditions of the poor who are struggling for their survival. If we don’t understand their problems then who will? 

            Our brothers need our help to overcome their difficulties and hardships. We cannot equalize the economic conditions for all but we can equalize the opportunities for all by reforms in the policies and by reducing the concentration of wealth. But these power resides with them who themselves would be affected due to this.